IMG_0102As I begin my attempt at blogging/writing I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself! I am married to the love of my life Jan, and have four children, Tarien (28), Suzanne (23), Michael (18) and Leanne (15). Jan is still the love of my life after 21 years. This means that my two eldest daughters are my step-daughters, but I like to call them my own as I love them enough for that, and unconditionally, and am so very proud of them.  Tarien is my happy child, 1000’s of miles away in Australia and sorely missed.  Suzanne my spiritual child, a teacher of special needs kids which in itself tells you the kind of person she is. Mikey is my only son, my special boy who is kind, caring and the responsible one. My Lu, the baby in the family, is super bright, very funny and the one who has a mind of her own with a heart of gold and wears her heart on her sleeve like her mother.  We are a very normal family of 6 with lots of day to day dramas, and sibling rivalry, as much as any other family.

Love though is abundant in this family of mine, plenty of it and through it all we will always have that. We have had a rocky road, between being bankrupt three times, left with nothing….and I mean nothing, and then traveling to various places in the world through Jan’s work and having everything. By nothing and everything I of course mean material “things”. So through losing everything quite a few times I am now totally un-materialistic. Oh I like nice things don’t get me wrong, but if I have or I don’t have means nothing to me.  I’ve had nothing and I’ve had everything and at the end of the day all I want is right here within my own family.

Several adventures, good and bad, but always a memory…….. Always a memory I wish to remember.  This is what life is made of, this is what characters are made of!  Memories! So this is why I am blogging, writing down any arbitrary, sometimes useless, bit of information that I can retell. Because the reality is I have been diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s Disease. So any memory could be useful, a story to read to myself…..or my family to read to me, about me! Me and my family, me and my home, me and my dogs, me and my life, me and my Memories.

The stats for AD Alzheimers Disease) are so frightening and yet it’s almost expected you will get it in some form when you get old… How sad!  But at my age it seems so unbelievable. There is no cure, just so-called “prevention from developing quicker” remedies. So I take Donacept (same as Aricept) every night, use coconut oil at every meal, take Licithum, eat apples, drink apple juice, play games every day (Lumosity app) and every other “help” I can get. But no cure.

I write too for those who are diagnosed and wish to follow someone who feels and lives with early AD every day. And know that you are not alone and by every bit of energy left in my brain I will fight this and live each day to remember! Memories…..