imageSo it has been a while since my first post, my intentions are really good but each day flows to the next and I just don’t get to it. Today was a really bad day for me! I felt totally useless and as though I was in a total blur all day. Most of the dumb things I did I cannot even remember… go figure! I do remember while cooking I was at the fridge looking for something but would stare and not remember why I was there, go back to the stove and then go back to the fridge…oh boy! Need a fork, go to the drawer…stand, stare, go back to the stove……remember the fork…. just up and down in a trance, going nowhere slowly.

Jan arrived with his new work car really excited, so I suggested we go for a drive. Get back and well I had left the oven open… and the kitchen tap running. So all in all it is more embarrassing than anything else. And am worried about being a burden to my family. Sometimes I do things and feel so useless and cross with myself, how long before I am a total dithering idiot?

Bad day today… let’s hope tomorrow looks better, sure it will!