After the horrific day the other day, today was a good day! Dropped Mike at school, visited with Nic, spoke to Mom, chatted to Jeanine for ages and then to my Kiks (Tarien) on Facetime. She seems happy and am enjoying the time I have to talk to her until she gets busy. I did boil dog bones on the stove and then forget about them, but no crisis as I put LOTS of water in the pot and even though I nearly burnt it again…. I caught the smell in time. My dear brother who just has not had any breaks along the way, has finally got a job so that is good news all around….please God it all goes well.

Starting a yoga class tomorrow with Teagan’s Mom so hopefully that goes well. The AD books always mention yoga, yoga, yoga….. so will give it a bash and hopefully not fall on my ass too many times.

Finding that I am definitely getting clumsier, if that is at all possible (everyone burst out laughing…. I know) so have to consciously try and go a bit slower. A lot of cutting myself going on, mostly when preparing food, slicing my fingers off and dashing upstairs for plasters so that I do not share the fact that “Oops I did it again!” Falling over things more and lots more bruises, so have to put chords and cables far away from where I will trip over them, over and over… and over again! Furniture in the way, well that I have to just THINK about…. not too easy when I keep forgetting where I am going to every time I stand up, and trip over the same table again and again. Must be like the movie “Dinner for One”…

I am sitting on my upstairs patio overlooking my beautiful garden with my dogs at my feet, and marvelling at the beauty all around me. So not a bad day at all… a good day!