imageWell it’s in all the books and all the websites…….. Yoga is an excellent form of slowing down the process of Alzheimer’s. So I keep at it. I am loving it but do find that I must look rather funny doing it.. and am in awe of Phee (Michael’s sweet girlfriend Tegan’s Mom) Phee is a contortionist, wrapping her legs around her body, handstands….. well just amazing. There comes “heffalump” falling flat on my face every now and again with the downward dog, well my arms just can’t hold me up! Funny thing is I manage to do the crow to an extent, holding your body up on your hands….. but can’t do a pushup from a downward dog to an upward dog… Well for those of you who think Yoga is boring (yes me… always said it) think again. It’s hard, it’s strenuous and at the end of the day very satisfying. The relaxation part is still tricky. Imagining flowers growing through your head and filling the world with white roses… not so easy! But hey it will come eventually, and then I will continue until I feel graceful and light……. and not like a huge heffalump… I love that word, Lee tells me it’s a baby elephant and seeing as we are talking animals (dogs and crowsπŸ˜‰)…. well that’s another one. Off to play golf in Bindura and see my friends. Harare still new and not too friendly…yet! Bit lonely… but hey I have been in much lonelier places which I ended up loving before leaving….. looking forward to a good laugh on the golf course with my friend Liaan, and of course Eric.