Jan’s away with Mike on a boy’s weekend, gone fishing. So glad for this time they have together. This means I have the weekend alone, with Dozie and Max of course, my loyal furry friends. It’s been fine so far. I am sitting watching the rugby test between SA and the All Blacks and had an emotional moment with the national anthem playing… always have, always will. Patriotism is a funny thing when you are not living in your own country.

No moments of deep concern with memory except that I am forgetting to take my pills…. or not! Actually I am not sure if I did or if I didn’t! So the time has come to count the pills and put reminders on my phone. Easy task but have to discipline myself to take them the moment the alarm goes off. The most noticeable part of my AD journey is remembering names, and sometimes not knowing if I have met you or not. A common thing for many people I believe but more often than not it happens to me! I can relate all sorts of nicknames to your names by trying to remember them… but uh-oh I can’t remember the nicknames I related your name to. So it’s a bit of a struggle. My Mom always said as she gets older it’s easy if you don’t remember a name you just say “Sweetie” or “Lovie”….. mmmmm, depends on how much younger they are. Definitely works for Mike and Lee’s friends.

I went to a gym class (light weights) yesterday and really felt it in my arms and legs this morning. I proceeded to then do a Yogafit class this morning and oh boy, battling to walk, let’s not talk about sitting on the toilet. The most beautiful young girl who took the class who I just could not stop staring at… well I guess I had to anyway to have a clue of what I was doing.. but learnt later she is a professional dancer. Well that made sense!

Missing my Lu today, she has athletics with a sprained ankle and then Market Day so will chat to her later. The rains arrived today so here I am at 5, in pyjamas, curtains closed and lights on… watching rugby. South Africa 7-5 ahead. Holding thumbs and shouting for them ….all by myself!