The last few days I have questioned whether this thing I have been diagnosed with called AD is real! I think about it every day and every thought I have I wonder if it is the Alzheimers or just me being normal but forgetful. Last week I was told by one of the caddies that my car-keys were in the door of the car…. and it was really a shock because I really did not remember locking the car and would have only looked when I was going home! A pretty daft thing to do. This morning I asked Jan a question and then asked the same question not even five seconds apart. I did suddenly realise I had done it but it felt really weird, like I was in someone else’s body. Mike and I were discussing me buying him a pair of sunglasses in SA and I said it would be better if he chose them himself to which he replied “but we discussed this Mom…….” feeling the irritation…. Mmmmmmmm, Nope, can’t remember a thing! Think it’s time I had the chat with all closest to me that this is not a good thing to say, better to ask if I did remember then remind me, or tell me again.

I did a Step class Monday and really battled with remembering the routines and some of the steps were just unattainable. Worried a bit, yes……I used to teach this for a living! The girls in class were so nice and said congrats they have been doing it for years. Sweet really, but NO I felt like an idiot. Wednesday i played the best gold of my life (44 points, 63 Nett) so must be remembering the things Robson the coach has taught me. This morning I did a Zumba class and managed a bit better with the routines, and by the way had a permanent grin on my face because the teacher Bernard made it such fun. Lots of bootie shaking going on…..well I just know that I can’t do that, unless maybe I had a few Tequila’s before….. whoohoo!

So do I have it? Are the pills helping? I think the Donacept is helping because I have not had days of battling with speech, have had far more good days than bad days …. and have not had too many lost memories. I am trying to write things down as I am told them so I do remember. I also get to see the doctor next week so let’s see what she says.

On checking the symptoms from Alzheimer’s website:

Stage 3 Symptoms: Mild cognitive decline

Early-stage Alzheimer’s can be diagnosed in some, but not all, individuals with these symptoms:

Friends, family or co-workers begin to notice deficiencies. Problems with memory or concentration may be measurable in clinical testing or discernible during a detailed medical interview. Common difficulties include:

1. Word- or name-finding problems noticeable to family or close associates.

2. Decreased ability to remember names when introduced to new people.

3. Performance issues in social or work settings noticeable to family, friends or co-workers.

So check 1 and check 2….noticeable to me, not so much others. No. 3 not really happened!

So I continue on believing it will be ok, still blessed with family, friends and the capability of doing all the things I love!