I like that quote, it’s pretty relevant for everyone…some good days, some bad days.  Well it wasn’t the best few weeks although not the worst but the confusion is still there.  I went to Mikey’s cricket braai last week Saturday and cocked up the names of one family completely.  I called Clare Gail and then proceeded to ask how her son Ceran’s exams are going…um his name is Jason…. so felt like an idiot.  The lady of the house Judy Bruce has met me and chatted to me but I really cannot remember meeting her…… so the name and recognition thing not improving.  Told Jan so confused he says he thinks it is normal and I must go and get a second opinion cos he doesn’t think I have AD.

Well maybe I will, cos do not seem to be getting worse except the name thing…do forget names of people I have known for years or their family’s names… and people’s dogs…Ok that’s pushing it but the other day I could not remember my close friend Jo’s dogs names. I have been around them for five years ?…crazy!

IMG_6783Michael had friends over for drinks last night and after a few two many had “dronkverdriet” (not sure of the English word but it means you have too much to drink and then the tears flow for whatever reason is upsetting in your life) and cried like a baby. He disappointed his Dad….blah blah blah. Poor guy I am sure the shock of it hit him and the drink did not help! So I sat, held him and listened … and told him it’s ok. Was really sweet ‘cos Jan sent him a message to say it was OK and he mustn’t stress. Meanwhile I am so stressed about it all, cannot stop thinking about it and am not sure whether to come out with the truth or not. Only problem is with Mike only having a learner’s licence he will immediately be blamed for the accident, and in this place he might even get an offence against him! He just does not need the stress while writings AS exams and going into 6th Form.

This Sergeant had just completed a traffic course and was damn sure he would get everything right, 3 hours baking in the sun at the scene of the crime…… I did get an awesome tan, but gained another thousand freckles!

I hope my prayers are answered and that it was just a bad day!