I turned on the TV this morning and a moment of blankness came over me when I could not remember how to change the channel. A few seconds only, but a simple task I do every day of my life. Doubt in self…… Check! ✔️

Mike came home on Sunday after he had been to my cousin’s sons, (Sean) 21st birthday party.

Mikey and birthday boy Seanie.... Hippie style
I Mikey and birthday boy Seanie…. Hippie style
Jints, Kimmy and Mom xxx
Jints, Kimmy and Mom xxx

From the pictures on Facebook it looked like the party of all parties…… I wish I’d gone and wish I’d made a plan for Lee to go. She so wanted to but the logistics from school always becomes a problem. All the family was together and all looked so happy. Some I have not seen for so long and felt heart sore for not seeing them. They all looked so happy, and dressing up as hippies was the cherry on top. I was so glad to see my Mom looking so happy. After many years of being unhappy in many days of her life she told me this year she would change her life around and be happy. I really hope so, she deserves it but it has to come from her!

Wayne,Greg and Bruce..... What's it like to have hair boys????
Wayne,Greg and Bruce….. What’s it like to have hair boys????
Wayne and Koek ...... Or is it ? Haha
Wayne and Koek …… Or is it ? Haha

Megs, Mom and Jints.... priceless
Megs, Mom and Jints…. priceless

Mom and Aunty Noel.... So precious
Mom and Aunty Noel…. So precious

Mom and Dad - precious, timeless and priceless
Mom and Dad – precious, timeless and priceless

Back to the party. It has to be said at the end of the day family is so special, we all have our problems but we all care deeply for each other!

I have sent my maid home for a few days as the poor thing found out her husband who also works for us, has a girlfriend and a 5 year old son. They have a 4 year old son together. She cried to me for hours and was inconsolable. All her suffering, a widely used word here in Zimbabwe, poured out to me within these hours. She supports her whole family, he provides her with nothing, he lies about his money ……. On and on and on……and tears to fill buckets. I had given her money to send her little boy to school so told her to take that and go home. And use it to help her family and then

when she comes back we will give her money again. Her little boy stays here with her at our house.

The poverty in Zimbabwe is so sad, so shocking, fortunately we are blessed and help all the staff working for us as well as all in our lives. Jan is the most generous man around…….. But we give and give and give, and they keep coming back. My point is we are blessed but some days it just becomes overwhelming. Where is Bob Mugabe in this state “suffering”? Sitting in his mansion living the billionaires life!!!!!