image A night to forget, morning to be so glad to see. Went to bed feeling anxious and a bit shaky, dizzy and nauseous. Could not wait to get into bed to sleep. But sleep did not come, tears came, terror came and I just could not get it together. I tried to pray to give me calm but that just became mumbo jumbo . My brain felt fried and my head was all over the place. By midnight I thought I would phone Jan to make me feel better and calm me down but he was asleep. I sent him a message to please phone me when he woke up. I went through having Simba’s other girlfriend (huge fat mama) with her child lying on my bed kicking me off and me tring to get her to get off. To Dozie on my bed on top of me over and over again and me pushing him off. To someone screaming and crying for help and a child screaming even louder, realizing its Moila and child Tana….. and I couldn’t get to them but it wouldn’t stop. Eventually I realized it was all hallucinations, nightmares or dreams! Whatever it was it went on and on and I could not get out of it. Until Jan phoned at 4 to ask what was wrong? I told him I felt so terrible I just wanted comfort. I then cancelled my Physio at 8h00 and slept until 9. Felt groggy and shaky when I woke up but had a bath and pulled myself together. Met a few Moms at Willowbean to collect monies for 11 week motivational course boys are doing, and then proceeded to come home and spring clean! Just Imagine! Moved pictures, couches, tidied study….. Felt better. I went online to compare pill Donacept (from SA) and Donapezil (from here) to see if that could’ve caused “headcrazy” but exactly the same. Side affects are dizziness but is recommended a full glass of water be taken with pill. So putting it down to that…. Note to self …..Much More Water!!!!!!!