Mike St George’s 50 over

Friday was a great day after I had a good cry at the doctors office. Must have thought I was a blithering idiot….went in and burst into tears telling him I was tired of pretending I’m ok, when I’m not! Tired of being in pain and scared to do anything stressful in case the pain came back. Anyway after finding me a tissue to wipe my snotty nose and streaming eyes, I decided yes it was time to bring in the big guns….. A specialist neurosurgeon to see if an op was inevitable. So I am on standby as he has to pull strings and get me in.

I then went to see Mike playing T20 cricket which was rained out. Ended up with a few of the team’s folks and Mike’s team at The Mill and had such fun. So nice to get out and have fun. Pain was even minimal which was even more fun. Mike’s two team mates Cuan and Carl stayed over, such lovely boys. Went to watch 50 over game at St George’s and again had such laughs and fun with all the parents. Jan and I finally seem to fit in somewhere in this huge lonely town called Harare. So happy to see Jan let go. Peterhouse beat George’s by 130 runs, Adrian Kok got 110 which was wonderful to see.

Sunday morning Mike did a organized run and we then just chilled. Again minimal pain! Started sorting out Mikes applications for College…… Now that’s heart sore!!! My boy boy leaving at the end of the year. My Lee got to go to lunch with my school friend Trace, and our old Zambian friends Gail and Mark also visited her, she sounded so happy. So glad cos she seemed a little bit homesick. Miss her too much!

Tarien got an apprenticeship for two days a week for a skincare range in a Marketing position. So hope it comes to something, she has waited too long now and needs a job in Sydney to get on with her life.

Today I went to Physio and again was without too much pain. Starting to think Murphy is working again… organizing a neurosurgeon because I can’t bear the pain, and the pain is totally bearable ☺️.

About my AD….. A few name slips in my head, but just never vocalized them. I am learning slowly how to not always make an idiot of myself! βœ”οΈ for me!