Got the call to get to Dr Mareira’s rooms yesterday, neurologist with a brilliant reputation and a few months waiting list. Way to go Dr Jeans for getting me in. What a delightful lady she is! Discussed my prognosis and told her I was feeling great and hoped that I wasn’t wasting her time. She made me strip to my panties and bra ( yes they were decent) and then did tests including walking up and down….. You could say it was a bit embarrassing with this orange-peel body, but hey she couldn’t care less right?? She showed me the MRI on her computer and said I actually have quite serious damage to my neck, and yes the right side is worse. After many questions she came to the conclusion that yes an op would be inevitable. An artificial disc would replace the damaged one, a 3-6 hour op and 3 days in hospital. My choice, so discuss it with my hubby and then come back and see her. She is the best from reports I have heard and the more I speak to people the more I am convinced that she is the one to use. What’s the first thing Jan says………. Why don’t you go to SA and get a second opinion……. No surprise there. Here’s the thing!!!! Find a surgeon, get an appointment, do another MRI and blah blah blah!!!!! Nope!!!!! Technology today, her reputation …… May as well do it here. If I’m going to do it! As my Physio says, get the papers, set it up and I can always change my mind! Only question I did forget to ask was about the hospital and it’s after-care. Big worry after going through Michaels terrible experience…… Horrific experience, maybe one day it can be a chapter in my blog. Although I am more for remembering the happy times! But challenges in life and getting through them count for blessings too. As for the AS she gave me three things to remember and I seriously popped them out when she asked me to, no second thought; telephone, bicycle, red! Ooh now that I think of it was it right? Whatever the case she too is almost doubtful it’s AS and is sending me for my pre-op check-up with a Neurologist. So whatever comes from it, I might get a second opinion on this thing that is engrained in my brain and questions my every thought and action! Will I have the op? Mmmmmmmmmm check back in a day or two?