A good weekend at the cricket again. Spent the night at the Zederberg’s farm in Marondera as the cricket was at the school. The McMillan’s stayed too and we laughed a lot and the men drank a lot, and the jokes got weaker and weaker and the chirps got more and more pathetic, giggle giggle. Peterhouse beat Falcon at cricket on Saturday, Falcon beat Peterhouse on Sunday and then they played a 10 over final which was just pure humour. Falcon won but lovely to see parents and kids from both schools so interactive and just enjoying. Ren Peel had me in stitches. Was freezing by the afternoon so my neck was getting a bit of a beating. Wore a scarf but had a fair amount of pain on Sunday evening. All the “doctor” parents recommend that I get a second opinion about the op…… That’s why I wanted it quiet, too much fussing going on, which I know is caring….. But fussing it is, and I hate it!

imageJan’s brother Wikus and sister-in-law had a baby boy on Monday which was all very exciting but then yesterday he was rushed to ICU for an op which has us all praying for him and the family. So very sad! Please God he’s ok!

Jan got hold of Geert his eldest brother who will arrange an appointment with a Neurosurgeon who will look at my neck and my AD. So that is a good thing! Let’s get a second opinion and find out finally if it is the dreaded AD or just a very forgetful mind!  So a second opinion won’t be so bad after all I guess!