Excitement loomed as the hour came for me to fetch my baby girl from the airport!  Haven’t seen her for six weeks, it’s been too long.  We lasted a few hours and before long had a rip-roaring fight. I was told I am no fun, I never wear make-up anymore and have become a recluse!  So for the most part she is right but it all started over her saying if Dad goes to Argentina for Mikey’s rugby tour then we should go to America. Of course my reaction, over-reaction I believe, was we can’t just go, it costs too much.  To which all the accusations just mentioned came flying at me.  Oh yes and I promised to visit her at school, and I never do……….. Some of it true, partly due to circumstances which I cannot relate to a 16 year old because it may be seen as “using it as an excuse”, “feeling sorry for myself”.  For whatever reasons it won’t be the right one.  My arm and neck pain is sneaking back in, and AD has taken away a fair amount of my confidence but maybe one day I can explain this. Right now my little girl is not ready for any of it. She also has her own demons about AD and wants her sociable, fun, make-up wearing Mom back…… No excuses….

I tried to fix it through her tears but just seemed to make it worse so I left her alone. All I wanted was a super fun weekend with my daughter and well it wasn’t going so well! I guess it’s an adjustment thing, but we actually don’t have time to adjust because by Monday she will be gone again. She shares with me she might be Bi-Polar. Well no not really, it’s called “Teenage Hormones”. Those damn hormones use you like a yo-yo… toss you around make you feel great, bring you down just as quickly. Up, down, round and round….. Love life, hate life……in about 20 minutes. Teenage Hormones are Bi-Polar!

Anyway this morning everything is fine and we went to see “The Imitation game!” Brilliant movie! And then a cocktail at News Cafe.  So all is well and now I have her giggling friends over, music blaring and a very happy Teen. Yes I get it, and I certainly don’t take offense, can’t take offense! I hope the “happy” lasts all weekend……