How is it possible that some things that by rights, with AD, I should not remember because it seems like such a difficult word, or sum, or person I haven’t seen for years…… but I do.  And then very simple things like visiting my friend’s son in hospital after being worried about him the night before completely slips my mind?  And then suddenly remembered In a panic after being asked by his mother to take something to him.  I forget again the next day, and suddenly with a jolt it came to me.  Or completely forgetting my Physio appointment which I had thought about the night before?? Just crazy right….. Just makes no sense. Quite a few day to day things I had to do last week I completely forgot.  I was very busy getting a lunch together for Mike’s cricket team at our house and it went off without a hitch. It was perfect, even if I say so myself 😏, and I liaised with all 13 parents via e-mails and texts for two weeks. And I got it right.  After the lunch I thought anything is possible, I could still organize events, parties, dinners, get togethers.  I could still do it!  But the things I forgot, well they weren’t that important…… this time!