So I said goodbye to my two youngest this morning. My Lu back to school in South Africa for six weeks, and Mike off to rugby camp before the rugby Dairiboard festival.  I see him in a week but really it frightens me because he is off to college next year so the time is drawing close to let him go.  Every now and again I get a small panic attack as I think that when Mike goes that will be it!  We are trying to get him into Life University in Georgia for Chiropractics , but that is a lifetime in distance….. Far, very very far. Scarey far …..

Lee comes home about every 6 weeks but then she goes off again for the longest time so I feel she has sort of flown the coop already , which breaks my heart every time. I question whether sending her away to school was the right thing but seeing her achieving so much and being so happy I convince myself yes it was. Being in the same school that I was makes it special for me, and keeps me focused that those were such wonderful years for me, and that the same applies to her.  But Mike I see often, every excuse I can I get to see him, fortunately he is sporty so all my excuses to see him are valid …… athletics, cricket, rugby…… Lucky me!

 Next year I’ll have to stalk my friends daughter’s and son’s when they have sports days otherwise I have no idea what else I’ll be doing.  So for the next few days I’ll be feeling sorry for myself, hibernating, shedding a little tear, but then I’ll be ok. Because it’s ok not to be ok, as long as you can pull yourself towards yourself and get over it!  Happy thoughts 😋